Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a mystical being appeared.

She had a special gift. When she touched the strings of her cello, the strings of ones’ heart started to resonate. But she was scatterbrained: Pieces of the puzzle were missing.

So she went onto a journey through dark caves and bewitched forests. In one of these forests, abandoned and then raised by hedgehogs, she found 2 young dwarves who were lost, but somehow very musically skilled.

She then took them under her wings, onto a journey of musical frivolities to discover soundscapes that no creature of this world had ever gotten to experience before...

The music made by this trio, consisting of Maggy Katt (Cello), Bruno Knigge (Drums) and Joris Kostelijk (Keys), is difficult to pin down. It contains a combination of influences from jazz, classical music, pop, rock, hip-hop and electronical music.


Metropool Enschede